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DC Lo-Fi

IMG_3052HCTAW ESAELP PETS RUOYIMG_2786DC Lo-Fi is closing this weekend. Come on by tonight if you can. 1231 Good Hope Rd SE. At @anacostiaarts in the heart of historic Anacostia.IMG_0398EMERGENCY EXIT ONLY. #nofilterMy favorite item at the flea.IMG_269714th and Q.IMG_0520Indeed.Pens, pencils and other trinkets.IMG_8024IMG_8077IMG_8027IMG_0168IMG_3867IMG_0689IMG_0395Visiting the #DCLoFi show with the pernts. @anacostiaartsIMG_0452IMG_0658SIGN SIGNS.LOBSTERSIMG_0665IMG_0670IMG_0679IMG_0681IMG_0688Sparkly vinyl delight.IMG_0817I would buy a shipping container half filled with old, worn-down dice and build a house inside that container with those dice. I would.#nocaptionSurveyors. Not a good sign for the status quo.Phone cases.#nocaptionOverhead Door bonk.Screen shot.#nocaptionLOCK.upload#nocaption #nofilterThe Smurfs.U  ON MARKETMexican fruits.MOVED SOME DOORS FROM HERE, TOTruck truck truck truck truck.#nofilterF*ck your blog, crab.First day of Spring. Perfect convertible day.On the Rhode.Downtown Washington DC.IMG_0872IMG_101714th and Q.Duplex.IMG_1018IMG_1259Bar and Lounge, or BUFFET & LOUNGE. Your choice, I guess.IMG_141814th Street NW.IMG_1551IMG_0686IMG_1555Big urban photo safari in NE DC with the doggys this afternoon.National Library for the Blind (Library of Congress).Freeway.IMG_8483IMG_1559What Sydney said.IMG_0657One way: forward. Taking DC Lo-Fi down from @anacostiaarts center. A great show and many thanks to all for your support.IMG_0216IMG_1662IMG_1934IMG_2720IMG_0357IMG_9214IMG_0680IMG_8485V Street shadow.IMG_3247IMG_4506IMG_0678IMG_6764IMG_7365Surveillance all day long.IMG_7368IMG_0211Big urban photo safari in NE DC with the doggys this afternoon.IMG_7645My bartender the blur.FREE FRINGE PARKING.IMG_0690IMG_8030IMG_8503IMG_8482Box box box box box box dot.More of my favorite little cubes.IMG_850014th and Q.IMG_8501#plymouth #champIMG_9211IMG_0675Anacostia Full Gospel Community Church!Church!IMG_7369uploadRoof deck, deep winter.Nini Buttons and the #bitters Who-Creatures: separated at birth?Scrappy in Petworth.A lovely, if brief, burst of sunshine right at sundown.Last night around 7pm. Pretty deserted. Very cold.50% off.Home.Burning last year's tree for New Year.On a scouting visit in NW DC this afternoon.No caption.Garages. Version 1.Nurish.Anacostia.Stall.Subversive brand marketing. Perhaps a new direction for Pete's? (Capitol Hill)WE WILL BE CLOSED AS OF SEPTEMBER 16THWE WILL BE CLOSED AS OF SEPTEMBER 16TH.Elementary school, Hillcrest (Southeast DC), built 1978.Compton Bassett, Upper Marlboro MD.ENGINEERING MACHINING MODEL MAKERSStraws. Big brothers, little brothers.Peel.Las Vegas in DC?Deep SE DC. Near the Maryland line.Dat doggy.House fire 1700 block Taylor Street NW. Heavy smoke drifting for blocks. Stinks. Def a wood frame house. Fingers crossed everyone is OK.Dusk, Mount Pleasant Street.Check your tire pressure! I was down to 20psi on all four tires. Tire shop said 35 is the number. They often don't look low, but running them below spec causes premature wear and tanks your gas mileage. #porsche #911sc #1980Mount Pleasant, 0900, Saturday.I love when these weird blue things come out in the backyard in the fall.Doggett's Parking. Since 1926.T. 13th & K. K?Who would want to get their taxes done by the shoe repair place? And who would want to have their shoes repaired by the tax guy?Another one of my favorites from the quilt show at @anacostiaarts center.Another favorite from the quilt show at the @anacostiaarts center.Quilt show at @anacostiaartsPiney Branch and Delafield Place NW.Looks like candy.Hart SOB. Do they still call them SOBs and HOBs?Tried Petworth Citizen for the second time, this time choosing the cheddar burger, hoping it would be more notable than my fried chicken sausage sandwich from the other day. Drinks good. Food, 100% forgettable. Hope it gets better.Beers n whatnot.My favorite crumbling building, my favorite time of day.Bullshit funeral home construction. Stalled for years. Blighting the 14th Street corridor with no end in sight.Anacostia.My new front yard landscaping.18 miles of books.A very quiet evening with the piglets on the front porch, reading and listening to the cars pass by.Back to Capitol Hill for an assignment. Hart SOB.Pottery porn. ABC Home on Broadway.I have had no problem growing ivy in the backyard. That's for sure.Boom. North Capitol Street NW, as seen from North Capitol Street NE.Scrappy in Petworth.Sundown.I am officially the LAST CUSTOMER STANDING at the Rhode Island Ave DMV, one hour and five minutes after they closed and locked the doors for the day. That guy down the end: a security guard. Officially clocking overtime pay. Unfortunately, no overtime forARTSAAB ad #1NO STANDING BUS ZONE NO PARKING DC GOVERNMENT OFFICE ONLYBig urban photo safari in NE DC with the doggys this afternoon.Big urban photo safari in NE DC with the doggys this afternoon.Emissions. Yes, after the engine-out service, I'm nervous.Collect all 6. East Haven CT.In the tunnel. #porsche #911SC #sundaydrive #rockcreekparkSide table.IMG_6636IMG_8486IMG_7428IMG_9273The show has unofficially begun. Borrowed Michael Vallen's fisheye. Maybe I need one.DC Lo-Fi is hung and I'm (almost) ready for tomorrow's opening. @anacostiaartsMs Brenda said Good Bye, Thank You, God Bless. SALE OR LEASE.

"DC Lo-Fi" was a show by DC-based photographer Michael K. Wilkinson that sought to capitalize on two points of familiarity to many city residents: urban vignettes focused on the disappearing signs of an ever-aging yet ever-changing city, and the ubiquitous square format of Instagram with its instantly recognizable filters. The photographer, a Washington DC resident for over 20 years, selected a range of scenes for the show, some of which would be recognized by astute observers of the city, and others which would just resonate with a certain locationless urban sensibility. Part of the poignancy of the project for Wilkinson was the fact that, as a professional photographer, long since done with film and no longer using a digital SLR to express himself artistically, he could pull an iPhone out of his pocket, snap things he saw as he was walking around the city, then could throw a couple images into Instagram, which would cross-post to flickr, Tumblr and Facebook. Within seconds, the feedback would start to roll in, one 'ding' at a time. "In the age of the mobile device, you accomplish in a matter of minutes what it used to take weeks or even months to do when we shot on film, printed in darkrooms and hustled for gallery shows, he says." Printed on ultra-high gloss metal surfaces ranging in size from 8x8 to 30x30, the images in the show bridge the gap gorgeously between the ephemeral "social-digital" format and the permanence of a piece of art on the walls. Both the subject matter and the medium will strike viewers with a particularly strong currency and resonance, hitting nerves on both a new/hi-gloss-modern-mobile-culture level and a gritty, fast-disappearing urban-pioneer level. The show was presented at the Anacostia Arts Center, 1231 Good Hope Road SE, in Washington DC, in February and March 2014.