Vallen Design Studio

Art of the Airstream


In April 2014, Vallen Design Studio mounted a very unusual show in its gallery at the Anacostia Arts Center. On the walls, a visual history of the Airstream company and its unmistakable products, as well as a map and highlights from the famous 1959 Cape Town to Cairo International Airstream Caravan. Not content to simply present information in two dimensions on the walls, we took the aluminum skins and a pair of windows from an Airstream we are restoring and attached them to a carefully crafted plywood frame to create a partial interior so guests at the show could get a sense for how Airstreams are built. We teamed up with a young graphic designer based in the Anacostia Arts Center to develop graphics for the show, including bookmarks, bumper stickers, posters and a limited-edition series of graphic images printed on plywood.