Vallen Design Studio

1953 Airstream Liner

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Part of our fleet of vintage Airstream travel trailers. Currently our oldest Airstream, we purchased this 29-foot 1953 Airstream Liner in 2013 in Maryland. It is an exceptionally rare trailer, one of only three 29-foot Liners from the 1953 model year known to have survived, out of an already very low original production number of approximately 30. It was built in the California factory and stayed in California from 1953-1967. From 1967-2007, it sat on a horse farm in Kentucky, serving as a mini pony barn. Unrestored and in very bad condition, between 2007 and 2013 it passed through a succession of owners hoping to bring it back to life. But vintage trailers almost all sustain damage that is far deeper than meets the eye, and many aspiring vintage Airstream owners let their trailers sit and deteriorate further for several years before eventually bailing out. We are restoring this rare trailer to a high standard. As of the end of 2014, the frame and running gear are restored, the floors have been replaced, and the exterior skin has been repaired and re-installed. Over the winter of 2014-15, we will strip, restore and re-install the interior skin, run electrical lines, and set it up as an empty shell for use in promoting Nomad Mobile Motor Lodge. Eventually, we will install a fully restored interior and go driving and camping and driving and camping and so forth!