Vallen Design Studio

Petworth Renovation & Addition


As its popularity has increased in recent years, Washington DC has seen a surge of developers purchasing distressed single-family row houses and converting them to multi-family condominiums, often adding a third or fourth level to the top of the buildings and "popping" them up over adjacent row homes, disrupting the historical fabric of the block. Neighbors have been referring to these as "pop-ups," and not as a term of endearment. We are proud to have partnered with a developer to design a pop-up that preserves the single-family status of the home while adding significant square footage to the home AND leaving the streetscape unaltered. We added on to the rear of the home, creating a large and comfortable space for the kitchen on the main level, a double-height master bedroom on the top floor, and a one-bedroom guest suite in the basement. Maintaining the single-family status of the home allowed us to create living spaces that are generous and comfortable, bucking another developer trend to squeeze everything into a small but "open" living/dining area. We are proud to have designed a genuinely traditional but beautifully updated home in the heart of the city.